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Friday, July 4, 2014

Skitso Frenic feat Young Stitch presents "Hail Mary" New Vid!!!!

Skitso Frenic’s latest release, H.A.H.A. 2: Jokes On You! has been making waves all over Ontario and beyond since it dropped. Full of countless songs any hip-hop fan can vibe to, “Hail Mary”  features another rising start, Young Stitch. Both of them equally amazing, when they get together on this stoner delight, you can easily tell amidst all the herb smoked during the video shoot, these two have no problem dropping lighting things up. Directed by iLLvibe, “Hail Mary” is going to be your smoke anthem for the summer! Canada has a lot of hidden Hip Hop talent and these cats are on the rise!!! Peep the story up top!!!

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