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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shad presents "Progress" New Vid!!!!

Shad, one Canada's best-kept-secrets, comes through with a visual interpretation for "Progress (Part 1: American Pie, Part 2: The Future is Here)", one of the stand-outs off his Flying Colours LP.
Says director Justin Broadbent:
"The death of music is similar to the death of visual art. The online, numb, browsing experience has (naturally) started to effect the current state of art. We’ve become a Tumblr’d culture, over Google'd, educated and bored in 4 seconds or shorter. I made a non-music video for Shad’s “Progress”. It’s a website. It’s a comment on the state of art and also maybe the only video that could attach to such an intensely accurate and poignant song for our generation. It is like the movie credits to now. Tumblr on."

Plz don't sleep on this cat!!! Toronto has a lot of untapped talent!!! Peep the story up top!!!

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